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"Helping individuals and families to succeed and live well."


A 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Tax ID #26-4505734
73-726 Alessandro Dr., Ste. 203
Palm Desert, CA 92260


We provide individual, couples, family, and group counseling for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. ADWC has designed programs to serve multiple populations and we are in a continual process of designing programs to serve every population. We attempt to make ourselves available to every person in need who can make use of our services. It is a big undertaking, so we are always in a process of change anf growth, since new ideas will inevitably come to mind and new people will breed unique needs. We also collaborate with other professionals and organizations in the Coachella Valley who may offer services that we do not currently provide, or if we encounter a client with specific needs that someone else may be better equipped to handle, we use whatever resources are available in the desert to the best of our ability to serve every client. Our aim is to care for people in the best possible way we can.

We have also expanded our programming and have an adult Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (MH-IOP) and Trauma Treatment Program, under the name of All-Desert Mental Health and Wellness

"Helping you to help yourself."
  Do you feel too depressed, anxious or
  embarrassed to reach out for help? It
  can be hard to admit that you need
  help or to muster up the energy or
  courage to make the call and come to
  therapy, but it's worth it! You don’t
  have to go it alone.
  Are you arguing too often about
  financial troubles, having difficulty
  communicating, problems with your
  sex life? You can discover how to
  have a healthy relationship with a bit
  of dedication, empathy, patience, and
  a little hard work. We can help!
  Are you experiencing family conflict?
  Having issues with parenting your
  little one or wondering why your
  teenager is isolating? If things seem
  to be getting too hectic, stressful and
  overwhelming, therapy can help you
  rediscover your family balance.
  Learning from others' experiences
  can sometimes put things in a new
  perspective. Coming together in a
  group with other people in similar
  situations can be an effective way to
  get more direction and enhance your
  personal growth. Out is Through

Issues we Can Help you With...

General Services

• Individual, child, adolescent, couples, seniors,   
  families, and group counseling
• In-home/on-site counseling services
• P
revention/treatment programs for at-risk children
  and adolescents
• Art Classes for Children and Adults
• Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program and

  Trauma Treatment Program
• Strength-based Parenting classes/workshops
• Support & Healing for Veterans & their families in
  conjunction with 173d Peace Chapel and OTANY
• Trauma and crisis services
• Self-injury and suicide prevention/treatment
• Art therapy
• Referral, resource, and case-management services
• School-based counseling and crisis services
• Experiential workshops for children and 
• Other services provided by Marriage and Family 
  Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers,

  Professional Clinical Counselors, Psychologists,
  and Psychiatrists

• Abuse (past or present)
• Addiction (incl. internet, gaming, & pornography)
• Alzheimers/dimentia
• Anger management issues
• Anxiety (incl. OCD)
• Autism
• Behavioral issues
• Bipolar disorder
• Chronic illness
• Co-dependency
• Coping skills
• Depression
• Dissociative Disorders
• Divorce
• Domestic violence
• Drug and alcohol dependency
• Family conflict
• Gambling
• Grief/loss
• Life transition issues
• Men's issues
• Oppositional defiance & Conduct disorder
• Parenting
• Personality disorders
• Relationship issues
• School issues
• Self-injury
• Sexual abuse
• Sleep or Insomnia
• Spirituality
• Stress
• Suicide
• Substance abuse
• Teen Violence
• Trauma/PTSD
• Veterans/active military issues
• Women's issues
• and more...

Wellness Programs

• Art classes & workshops for kids and adults with Leo
  Fuchs and Desert Art Academy
• Teen Group (co-ed)
• Creative Giving Paint Parties
• Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program and 

  Trauma Treatment Program ( Brochure
• Operation S.A.V.E Our Youth (an experiential program 
   helping at-risk youth). (
Brochure )
   • Children ages 7-13 can now participate in this

• Empowerment Groups for kids

• Shining White Dove Mental Health & Recovery Program
• Strength-Based Parenting (
• Trauma and Crisis Recovery  
• And more...

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