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Groups & Classes

Learning from others' experiences can sometimes put things in a new perspective. Coming together in a group with other people in similar situations can be an effective way to get more direction and enhance your personal growth. We have also expanded our programming and have a Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (MH-IOP) with Trauma Treatment, under the name of All-Desert Mental Health and Wellness

"Helping you to help yourself."
Strength-Based Parenting
Strength-Based Parenting focuses on the premise that all parents already have what they need to be good parents. Every person possesses intrinsic gifts that he/she can discover, develop, and strengthen. These gifts can be used successfully with every type of child. Learning to be authentic in your parenting is the key to using your gifts and essential to becoming an exceptional parent.
Please call for more information and to schedule your intake session.

Teen Group
Currently Enrolling
This is an experiential group with a holistic approach working with teenagers struggling with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, stress, academic problems, substance abuse, anger mangement, emotion regulation, parent conflict, peer conflict, body image, etc. Some of the modalities we use include mindfulness, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills, cognitive behavioral, and more. It is a fun and interactive group where your teen can learn coping skills, distress tolerance, and tools to grow toward success and achieve their goals. This group is co-ed for ages 14-18. Please call for more information and to schedule your intake session.
Shining White Dove Mental Health & Recovery Group for Adults
The Shining White Dove group uses client-centered approaches to working with mental health issues that are co-occuring with addiction. This group goes beyond the typical substance abuse recovery process, focusing clients on the mental health aspects beneath and surrounding addiction, to move clients toward a better experience of well-being. It deals with such issues as interpersonal relationships, depression, life stressors, coping skills, emotion regulation, and anger management skills. Please call Nora at (442)274-1817 for more information and to schedule your intake session.
Art Classes
We provide art classes for children, teens, adults, and seniors through Desert Art Academy. Please call our Art Director, Leo Fuchs for more information (760)774-6838 or visit our website at
Children's Empowerment Group
Currently Enrolling
The Children's empowerment group helps kids learn self-empowerment (and no, this is not about controlling their parents), self-efficacy, recognizing and developing intrinsic qualities. They also learn about goal-setting, bullying, conflict resolution, and empathy. It is a creative and experiential group that keeps your kids engaged in a therapeutic process. This group is for children ages 10-13. Please call for more information and to schedule your intake session.
Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program (MH-IOP) for Adults
Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) works with both men and women who are struggling with a number of issues and may need additional support before stepping down to traditional outpatient treatment. Thus, it provides short-term stabilization for patients who are having difficulty managing their symptoms in traditional outpatient treatment. It can be used as a bridge between in-patient treatment or partial hospitalization and the traditional outpatient treatment, as well as, utilized as a step-up in care when traditional outpatient care does not suffice. It is unique in that it allows the participant to have intensive healing experiences while still managing every day life, working and still participating in family dynamics. Please call to schedule your intake session. You can get more information by going to our website

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