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Family Counseling

Families are systems, that are constantly interworking and interdependent. They need to be maintained regularly to keep all the parts working and maintain cohesion. Just like a baby's mobile, if one part gets moved or changed, every other part of the

mobile moves, creating imbalance and often chaos. In the same way that everyone in a family plays a part in the dysfunction, everyone in the family can be a part of the solution of the relationship difficulties. It is a delight to be able to help members of a family discover how each affects the others. You will discover the hurts, the breakdown in idealized or unrealistic expectations, and the overall stress responses occurring in your family. We can provide tools and skills for more productive communication, understanding, and acceptance within the family, so that each member can be heard by the others and the entire family can regain their balance or design a new sense of harmony.

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten


As you know, parenting is the most important and most challenging thing you will ever do. You have a precious life in your hands, and with that blessing emerges the most serious responsibility you will ever face. Children are the products of their individual characteristics and what they experience in their formative years.

As parents, you have the power to make that experience a healthy one or a damaging one. In raising children, parents should be on the same page with instilling values, as well as designing and implementing proper discipline that is both consistent and designed to teach. We can help you learn what your strengths are as parents and to identify your inherent gifts, so you can match those gifts with your childrens' gifts, in order to better gauge what each of your children need.


Children are the most important aspect in your life. Kids should be kids, and should be free to express and discover themselves. They need a voice. They need to grow up in healthy surroundings in which they can experience love and learn good values. They learn self-respect and responsibility not by being raised in a vacuum, but by experiencing the world, being guided by affectionate and dependable parents, and being brought up in safe, enriching environments. However, there are numerous reasons why a child may need some extra help. Many children have problems that affect how they feel, behave, or learn. Seeking counseling can be an important step to help them thrive, instill resilience, and move forward successfully. Therapy can teach them how to work out their problems, how to cope with stress, loss, or violence. And it can help them communicate better. Children learn by doing and modeling your behavior, as well. So, it's important for you to be an active part of your child's progress.


The teenage years can be extremely challenging, for both teens and their parents, and often these struggles begin in the pre-teen years. Teens have a lot of stress that parents often don’t realize they have because parents can be so exasperated that they just don't see it. Teens also face many new pressures and may not always make the best decisions or react in the healthiest ways to the problems they encounter. Teens sometimes need counseling to help them cope with their problems and navigate the trials, stress, and fears that get in the way of becoming healthy, successful adults.

Some of the struggles teens face are a normal part of growing up, like dealing with peer groups, experimenting with new ideas, and going through changes in mood, identity, and interests. Some problems are more difficult to handle however, such as drug/alcohol abuse, sexual issues, self or other violence, or severe bullying. Parents can help their teens through some of these issues by listening and talking to them, being patient with them, and creating an environment that is structured and supportive. Sometimes, though, you also need to seek counseling and that’s why we're here, to give you an ear to hear, guidance, structure, and support.

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