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Couples Counseling

Relationships can be as difficult as they are rewarding. Sometimes couples struggle to maintain peace in their relationships because of unrealistic expectations and forgetting that they come from different backgrounds with distinct values. Are you arguing too often about financial troubles, having difficulty communicating, problems with your sex life? Participating in therapy can help you discover how to have a healthy relationship with a bit of dedication, empathy, patience, and
  a little hard work. We can help!

 Couples come to therapy for a multitude of reasons, because they hurt and feel separated from their partner. Real communication comes to a stop and they feel scared, rejected, defensive, angry, or they've just lost respect. When couples cannot share their honest feelings with each other and be authentic in their communication patterns, more than likely they make assumptions of what the other person feels and thinks. When assumptions are made, people usually jump to the wrong conclusions as to what is going on with their partner. We can help you break this pattern which would otherwise build resentment, anger, and hurt. As this barrier is broken, each person is able to be him or herself and articulate his or her genuine feelings. You can learn the art of fair fighting and reclaim love within your relationship. As therapists, we assist couples in getting to the root of their conflicts by helping them communicate with authenticity and become true partners and teammates working toward the same goals.

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